Local Leaders

The local leadership committee was created to align the research carried out by Instituto Juruá with the demands of local communities. It is a group of highly experienced leaders, with a strong knowledge of Amazonian socio-ecological dynamics that contributes not only to the direction of our research but also to the interpretation of results and the application of conservation and development programs.



Almira is a super charismatic person from the city of Carauari. She has been working for a long time in the defense of rural communities, leading important sustainability projects. Almira knows all the rural communities in the Middle Juruá River, and has an excellent relationship with the local leaders.


Edervan Vieira Director of CODAEMJ

Edervan is a forestry technician from CETAM and an environmental manager from the University of Amazonas State (UEA). Since 2013, he has been worked on the collaborative project between Associação dos Produtores Rurais de Carauari (ASPROC) and Natura to strengthen the oilseed production chain and improve the management of community-based organizations, including ASPROC and AMARU as well as the Cooperativa Mista de Desenvolvimento Sustentável e Economia Solidária da Reserva Extrativista do Médio Juruá (CODAEMJ).


Enoque Ventura FAS Project Supervisor and President of ACFRC

Enoque is a young pedagogue who since his formation has been acting in search of a regionalized and quality education, always in defense of the strengthening and protagonism of rural education, his history in the grassroots movement started providing service to AMARU, Today acting as supervisor of projects of the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation and President of the Families Association of the Casa Familiar Rural of the Municipality of Carauari-ACRFC, he is a professional who donates his life in search of improving the quality of life of the riverside people of the Middle Juruá, good institutional and community relationship.


Fernanda de Araujo Moraes Lago Serrado community leader

Fernanda is a prominent community leader that knows very well the reality of rural communities along the Juruá river.


Franciney Silva de Souza Xué community leader

Franciney is young leader with a huge amount of experience on participatory monitoring. He has been working in close collaboration with our team over the last 10 years.


Francisco de Souza Lima (Vigia) Community leader and President of AMAS -5

Vigia is a highly experienced community leader and president of AMAS -5. He is particularly knowledgeable on the community-based management of freshwater turtles.

Gilberto Olavo.jpg

Gilberto Olavo Manager of Uacari Sustainable Development Reserve

Gilberto Olavo is manager of the RDS Uacari and leads many activities across the reserves of the Juruá river. Gilberto help us to implement a wide range of applied projects to strengthen the management of protected areas.


José de Araújo Medeiros (Andrade) Xibauzinho community leader and President of AMARU

José is known as the “arapaima king” due to his skills in arapaima fishing. José is also president of the Associação de Moradores da RDS Uacari (AMARU), a local association that works in close partnership with Instituto Juruá.


Luciene Lima Director and Coordinator of AANE

Luciene Lima is director and coordinator of the Association of Agroextractive Producers of the Nova Esperança Community (AANE) and a member of the Association of Agroextractive Women of the Middle Juruá (ASMAMJ). Among the activities of AANE, Luciene is an instructor in handmade ecological soap and has thus been supporting the area surrounding the RESEX Médio Juruá with free workshops for women in the production of cleaning materials. She is the moderator, secretary and treasurer of the Leadership Council of the Nova Esperança Community. In addition, she also works as a teacher, volunteer librarian and reading mediator for the Vaga Lume association.


Manoel Cunha São Raimundo Community leader and Manager of Médio Juruá Extractive Reserve

Manoel Cunha is one of the most important environmental leaders in Amazonia. He helps us to design projects that can be applied at a large scale, properly addressing local demands and social aspirations from local communities.


Manoel Siqueira Association of Rural Producers of Carauari (ASPROC)

Manoelzinho is the president of the Association of Rural Producers of Carauari (ASPROC), a fundamental organization in the empowerment of local communities in the face of the poor working conditions imposed by the rubber exploitation in the past. Manoelzinho is a great local leader and does a great endeavor to ensure the well-being of rural Amazon communities associated with the protection of biodiversity.

Maria Cunha.jpg

Maria Cunha Voluntary Environmental Agent

Maria Cunha lives in the São Raimundo community, in the Médio Juruá Extractive Reserve. She is 27 years old, a sustainable production technician in conservation units, a voluntary environmental agent and a reading facilitator by Associação Vagalume


Pha’avi Hava Deni Indigenous leader of Boiador community and President of ASPODEX

Pha'avi is the president of ASPODEX, an indigenous association from the Xeruã river, a tributary of the Juruá. Pha'avi help us to understand indigenous demand and needs within the wider Juruá landscape.


Quilvilene Figueiredo da Cunha President of the Women Agroextractive Association of the Middle Juruá (ASMAMJ),

Quilvilene Figueiredo da Cunha was active in Young Protagonists group in 2012 and is currently president of the Association of Agroextractive Women of the Middle Juruá (ASMAMJ), which works by promoting meetings between women in the region, raising the debate on gender equality. ASMAMJ is an integral part of the Juruá Middle Territory Forum, and it increasingly conquers female participation in decision-making spaces.

foto Raimundo.jpeg

Raimundo Nonato Cunha de Lima Coordinator of the Jovens Protagonistas group

Raimundo is a resident of the São Raimundo community, located at the RESEX of the Middle Juruá. He is technician in sustainable production in protected areas by CETAM, coordinator of Jovens Protagonistas since 2017 and representative of AMECSARA since 2016.


Sumurivi Hava Deni Indigenous leader of Itauba community and Director of the Deni Association from Rio Xeruã (ASPODEX )

Sumurivi is an indigenous leader, with huge traditional knowledge who helps guide our conservation practices in an appropriate and respectful manner.


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