Instituto Juruá joins Conservation Now

By Andressa Scabin

Instituto Juruá, since August of this year, is part of Conservation Now, a global network of organizations working to inspire, motivate, equip, support and empower conservationists worldwide in order to make a positive difference in nature conservation. This is an initiative by Conservation Optimism which, as the slogan says, is a “global movement for nature and people”. According to its creators, Conservation Optimism is more than a network, it is an ethical conduct that many organizations are adopting in order to build a more effective, inclusive and active future in conservation, guided by optimistic principles inspired by successful conservation initiatives.

Instituto Juruá is an organization precisely guided by values ​​of respect for cultural differences, gender equity, and encouragement of local leadership. Its actions are based on the alliance of local knowledge with scientific knowledge, to propose more effective conservation strategies and to improve the quality of human life. That is why we see the entry of Instituto Juruá into this network as an excellent opportunity to publicize our successful experiences in the sustainable management of natural resources in the Amazon and, at the same time, to learn and bring to the Juruá positive experiences from other organizations around the world.

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