Juruá Institute team meets to strategically plan the year 2022

The meeting took place in January, with a good part of the technical and managerial staff of the institute.

By Nathália Messina

The first Strategic Planning meeting of the Instituto Juruá took place in Lumiar, in the mountains of Rio de Janeiro, between January 24th and 28th and was attended by a good part of the institute’s technical staff and directors. There were five days gathered in an environment full of nature, contemplated by a program of activities designed to dream, celebrate, and planning the activities to be carried out in 2022.

Under a short, medium and long-term strategic vision, the organizing group brought to the wheel practical methodologies and tools that helped to put what was in the mind on paper, even providing a leveling of actions and ideas of the collective. The orientation for the use of methodologies and the construction of the program was carried out by Phomenta, which, through the Programa de Aceleração de Impacto Social (PAIS), offered advisory services to support the preparation of this strategic planning meeting.

Thus, well oriented, aligned and engaged in social impact management, the IJ team presented strategic diagnoses and scenario studies that supported the debates and the construction of the so-called FOFA, which is a strategic planning technique used to help organizations to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats related to project planning or the organization’s performance

In a second moment, for the construction of a strategic planning matrix, which is a tool for monitoring goals to be achieved by the organization, the methodology of OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) was used. The OKR methodology is based on the definition of strategic objectives for the organization and their respective goals to be achieved. The execution of these goals will be monitored throughout the year, in quarterly meetings, when the team will meet to evaluate the progress of the goals and, consequently, of the objectives outlined.

Organize, produce and provide feedback:The current stage we are in is the execution, co-management and monitoring of activities, through the use of special platforms for remote working, in addition to constant feedback of processes, which make use of evaluations and celebrations among the team. Therefore, confident of where we are heading, we wish all people a full, democratic 2022 plenty of new achievements!

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