I, a woman

By Maria Cunha

Taking time for myself allows me to contemplate such a personal welcoming space for myself.

There are days when I need to listen to my thoughts, rearrange things inside me, fix my hair, wear a nice outfit and allow myself to dream.

There are days that I would like to look at the world from my bedroom window, and draw the universe with my woman’s eyes. This makes me reflect on how sometimes I feel “careless” with my world, with my feelings, with what I represent as a woman.

I want to look through my window and understand that I am capable of discovering the countless possibilities of my “women world”.

I, a woman, am human, sometimes fragile, sometimes strong. Stronger than fragile, I understand that people will always have opinions about me, no matter if I look good or not, if I’m overweight or not. If I’m comfortable with my choices, that’s fine! It’s part of being a woman in a man’s world.

I, a woman, realize that to overcome this country you have to be brave, sometimes stupid, relentless and focused, because fear will only make me stay in the same place forever.

I, a woman, want to get out of my little box invented out of fear and walk in the immensity of my forest, preserving my body for myself, I want to dive into my river completely naked. Bare of rules, clothes, speculations, shyness and completely dressed as who I want to be.

Master of myself, not thinking of giving up because my fight is not just for me. I have this moment and now is where I have greatest power, I want to be light. 

As Mother Teresa of Calcutta says: “Words that do not give light increase the darkness”. I want to give birth to my words, to our smiles, and to enlighten my essence as a woman. Because each one of us is a universe.

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