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HOW MUCH IS THE STANDING FOREST WORTH? We invited different people to help us understand if there is an answer to this question: researcher Ana Carla Rodrigues, community management specialist José Alves (Silas), local coordinator Almira Nascimento and researcher and president of the Juruá Institute, João Vitor Campos-Silva!
In this special episode of Vozes do Juruá, we will hear how humans can benefit nature and vice-versa, and understand the differences between some scientific concepts: Ecosystem Services, Environmental Services, and Payment for Environmental Services.
What does this have to do with the lives of forest peoples? Don’t waste time and hit play!
This episode is a partnership between the Juruá Institute, Carauari Rural Producers Association (ASPROC) and Natura Cosméticos.

  • written by: Clara Machado and João Vitor Campos-Silva
  • editing and voice-over: Clara Machado
  • vignette: Luan Alencar
  • visual identity: Ooteca
  • graphic art: Karoline Dias
  • interviewed: Ana Carla Rodrigues, José Alves, Almira Nascimento and João Vitor Campos-Silva
  • music: Seu Ede

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